Modern Meets Whimsy

Modern Meets Whimsy was founded in 2009 by designer Courtney Nielsen. The collection launched publicly on April 1st, 2009 with new and fresh designs coming out every week.

My products are all designed and handmade by me. Each piece is hand pierced and thus unique! My handmade creations are made with quality materials such as sterling silver and 14k gold fill and my gemstones come from reputable dealers to ensure top quality. I strive to produce quality items while trying to keep the cost easy on your wallet.

I have a passion for creating beautiful simplicity. My inspiration comes from everywhere. From the trees outside my house to the neon city lights. You will find my collection to be simple and modern with a whimsical twist. There is something for every day and every occasion.


Where to Purchase:
You can purchase my work online on Etsy.


Wholesale & Consignment:
Modern Meets Whimsy is available for wholesale and consignment. Please email me with your business id and any inquiries you have about my pieces.



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